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Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island

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Welcome to the Provincial Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island web site. Learning about diabetes is an ongoing journey and the program is here to help. Here you will find information about living with diabetes, information on diabetes prevention and information for health professionals working with people living with diabetes. The Provincial Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island also offers a variety of programs and services. Information about programs and services, program overview, calendar of events and program staff is available here.
Program Overview

The Provincial Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island provides leadership and expertise in diabetes to maintain or enhance the quality of life for people affected by diabetes in PEI.

As part of our mandate, the program provides diabetes education and management advice to clients and their families who attend the program. The program also plays a leadership role in promoting an awareness of diabetes and prevention in the community by educating health professionals and the public on practices and standards for diabetes care.

To accomplish this mission the program:

        Provides information on living with diabetes to people with diabetes and           their families

        Offers Getting Started classes for those new to diabetes

        Offers “At Risk” classes for those identified as being at risk for           developing type 2 diabetes

        Offers classes or one on one instruction on carbohydrate counting

        Provides individual assessment and counseling for persons with                        diabetes of all ages
        Provides ongoing followup for clients

        Initiation and adjustment of insulin with clients and families.

        Provides continuing education for health professionals and the public           through professional education days and newsletters

        Provides information on-line to clients with diabetes and health                         professionals working in the field

        In coordination with the pediatricians, provides education and quarterly           followup to children and adolescents with diabetes
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